平安信誉彩票平台Part3: 婚礼的花费

Do you think weddings in your countries waste lots of money?

It’s absolutely a yes to me. Maybe I’m a?minimalist, therefore, I consider weddings one of those occasions when people are willing to?pour money down the drain?with?exorbitantly?high and unnecessary items and ceremonies. For example, in Shanghai, where I come from, couples tend to have a huge reception where hundreds of guests are invited while, in my opinion, it should be an intimate one where people can share and celebrate the?delight?of life with their family and close friends only. In addition, other wedding expenses including feasts floral arrangements, invitations, photography, costumes and so many more also cost people more than they should since I believe they’re?more show than substance.


minimalist?(n): person who is interested in keeping things very simple

pour money down the drain?(idiom): to waste money; to throw money away

exorbitantly?(adv): to a very high degree that does not seem reasonable

delight?(n): a feeling of great pleasure

more show than substance?(idiom): value luxurious things rather than the quality


Why use lots of money for weddings?

I myself can hardly understand why couples are constantly spending an?outrageous?amount of money on their weddings although they may be supported by their parents,? but I may have some thoughts. First of all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, at least for most people, hence, they want to have a?lavish?celebration which no one can ever forget. Whether it’s a wedding invitation or reception venue, everything has to be of top quality. Secondly, big weddings might be a tradition in some countries. It’s?customary?in many cultures to have several ceremonies and celebrations in order to have a?fulfilling?married life. For example in my country, China, many people think a money-saved wedding means the the new couple disregards their family. Last but not least, they can afford it. Some well-off couples love to show off their wealth and wedding is an ideal occasion.

outrageous?(a): very unusual and slightly shocking

lavish?(a): large in amount, or impressive, and usually costing a lot of money

customary?(a): if something is customary, it is what people usually do in a particular place or situation

fulfilling?(a): causing somebody to feel satisfied and useful

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