2019年1-4月平安信誉彩票平台:Teaching a young person

Describe a time you taught something new to a younger?person

you should say

when it happened

- who and what you taught

- why you taught this person

- and how you felt about the teaching


Well, since I’m a teacher, I teach new things to younger people on a daily basis.?However, I will highlight one experience in particular that was really rewarding?(gave me a personal benefit) to me. This would be when I taught a 4 year old?student how to hold a pencil correctly and begin to write her first letters.

Thinking back, this was about 2 years ago now. I usually teach high-school aged?kids, but in this particular time I decided to take on a summer school program?with 4-5 year old students. This girl who I taught to write was 4 years old, while?the others were 5 years old, already having experience in kindergarten. I?planned a lesson on the alphabet, assuming that all of them had previous?knowledge of this. However, I had to sit beside the 4 year old girl to further assist?her as she didn't have previous knowledge of this. We started off by holding the?pencil together to form the letters, followed by me slowly easing (taking off?easily) my hand off of it. I stayed beside her until she was able to write out her?first letters. I’ll never forget the excited look on her face when she finally got the?hang of it! As the class progressed, she was easily able to keep up (stay at?the same speed as) with the 5 year olds.

This was an extremely rewarding experience for me; I was just so excited. Since?I had never experienced teaching a child a basic skill, it was really special to me.?It made me start to think about raising my own family one day, especially?standing beside my children at their milestones (big life events). I had never?thought about how exciting it must be to be a parent! All in all, it was an?emotional moment for me.

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